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To find communities or organisations which are in need of assistance​.


Organise programs, events, fundraisers and collaborations to promote our advocacy. ​


Be committed as a team and respecting the values of our partners. Together we unite as we give back to the communities and as we develop long term visions for an improved livelihood and a sustainable future.


Research what we as a team will need to help the community or organisation we assist to help them a develop sustainable future.


Examine and prioritise the requirements of the community or organisation. We cannot do everything at Project Juan but we will always endeavour to do what we can within our means​.


Our Mission...

is as simple as AEIOU.

Ascertain, Evaluate, Identify, Organise and Unite.

Our Vision...

is to change people's lives


Whether that is by, provide source of livelihood to family member to provide them stable income, to help the education system to inspire the children to completing their studies or to provide medical attention to the people who require it the most. Our motto is: “Give back to the ones in need”, that is our core value. Our mission is to ensure we stick to that plan.

Project Juan Conflict of Interest Policy &    External Conduct Standard Policies

ECS 1: Activities and control of resources policy

ECS 2: Annual review of overseas activities and record keeping

ECS 3: Anti fraud and anti corruption policy

ECS 4: Protection of vulnerable individuals policy

Project Juan Conflict of Interest Policy

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