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Hello and Happy New Year to EveryJUAN!

Firstly, I wish everyone good health and  safety as we continue to battle through this pandemic. 

2021 was a year of change for our team, we have grown in numbers internally and have new programs set for 2022.

We were excited for the opening of our Library in Anajawan in Dec however with the events of Typhoon Odette our goal has shifted for now in helping our community in Anajawan and Siargao.

This 2022, we will devote our programs for Anajawan and Siargao in helping rebuild.

Together with Save Siargao we will help Rebuild Siargao and help rebuild Anajawan.

For more details, click on the photo on the right about the works of Save Siargao or reach out to us as we work together to help


Thank you and have a blessed and safe 2022.

Director's update Jan 2022

Alden Viado

Co-Founder / Director



When one door shuts, another one opens


June 2019, with a donation box intended for an orphanage that was closed a day before we arrived. We came to the aid of Dave Francis of the MSWD General Luna who led us to something bigger than we could imagine.

Anajawan Island, the furthest remote coastal island of Siagrao, under the General Luna Municipality, this island community lacked what we sometimes take for granted.

Our goal is to provide the Anajawan community some assistance in the form of Medical, Educational and livelihood. 

anajawan documentary

Want to know more about Anajawan?...


This documentary provides an insight on the lives of the people in this small coastal island community. Living isolated and disconnected from the mainland  we capture the challenges the people in the community are faced with everyday and look at why they continue to live in the island they call home. 

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If you're in Siargao or planning a trip and would like to help out in our projects. We'd love for you to come along and get involved! Register here.

Anajawan 2.jpg

Your financial contribution can make a big difference in the lives of Barangay Anajawan and the kids of Sabado kids. To support us by making a financial donation, click here.


Stay in touch with us! Contact us by following this link.


We also accept books, medical supplies and school supplies to send through our donation boxes. Please send us a message to arrange the donation.

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