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Every 'Project' we enter is a gift from God, every idea, concept comes from Him.

Juan in Hebrew means 'A gift from God', while in Spanish it means 'God is gracious'. Project Juan has the responsibility to be gracious with the gifts God has entrusted us with and ensure we are impacting the society, the local communities, the environment in every Project we undertake by giving back to those roots and foundations.

How it started...

3 friends, 2 purposes, Juan goal...

It started with 3 friends on separate trips to the Philippines. While waiting in the terminal for their separate flights, they saw an empty shopfront, and an idea to start business.

With the same business aspirations, they also realized they had the same passion to help give back to the less fortunate people in the Philippines and the 2 purposes were formed.

Months of research, planning, consulting these dreams started to take shape and Project Juan was formed.


Project Juan has ‘Juan’ goal – Helping out under privileged communities and organizations of all cultures, religions, beliefs and views.

We don’t limit ourselves to a particular denomination, because there are no limits when it comes to helping others. We are mindful and respect each person, each community and each organizations beliefs, just as they would respect and be mindful of ours.

As we continue to journey and expand our reach an grow our team, from 3 we have become 5, we never forget to acknowledge where we came from (Christ Centred Ministry) and never lose sight of our faith.

"To give back to the ones in need"


An idea inspired by a simple donation box, leads to a heart of compassion towards Philippines and the communities in need. Find out more about our work here.

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In Project Juan, we aim to not only provide for communities in need but to make a difference, and change people's lives. Find out more about our mission and vision.


Get to know our team.

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