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Food.. it’s a necessity and during this time of uncertainty brought about by COVID19, rural communities struggle to access basic needs such as food, on a daily basis.

At Project Juan we need your help in reaching these people.

Your donation will be used to supply rice to four rural Islands in Siargao; Mam-on, La Januza, Suyangan and Anajawan.


In total, this is about 500 families. Our goal is to supply each family with at least 5 kilos of rice, altogether, that is 2500kgs of rice.

By donating, you will be able to supply families with food during a trying time. Any amount of rice is appreciated and is a big contribution in achieving our goal. 

We also encourage you to leave a message with your donation for the families who will be receiving the rice!



Donate here...

Project Juan
BSB: 033-695
Acc No.: 650261
Australia Bank Account
Philippines Bank Account
Project Juan c/o
Don Fontabla
Banco Be Oro UniBank
Tagaytay Rotonda Branch

If you wish to directly transfer, you can transfer to our Philippine or Australian accounts

Please share this campaign and help raise awareness to help feed families in need. 

Tag us @project_juan on instagram and hashtag:

#riseforjuanriseasjuan #iamjuan #wearejuan #juanworld #projectjuan

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